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Kim Kreiss

Weekday mornings


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Birthdate: June 2

Childhood stuff: Born and raised in Fairmont, MN...spent summer days playing outside...I always knew when it was time to come home when the street lights came on and my dad whistled so loud you could hear him from several blocks away!

Personal stuff: I'm a beginning gardener...I actually come close to hyperventilating when I get into a greenhouse! I also like to bike around town where I usually end up at the river for a cup of Bongo Billy's coffee!

Radio Stuff: started in radio in MN...I actually went to college to become a paralegal but quickly learned it wasn't for me. My mom says I got my start as a "dj" when I was a kid playing with my cassette recorder in my bedroom pretending to be on the radio.

Current fave TV show? soooo many. I'm a reality tv top 3 are American Idol, Dancing with the Stars and Survivor. But I also get into the reality chef shows like Top Chef and the Next Food Network Star.

All-time fave TV show? a show I've been watching since I was 17...the soap opera "The Young & The Restless"

All-time favorite food? cookies....or chocolate...or best when combined!

All-time favorite beverage? Diet Coke and LOTS of coffee!

A book I'd suggest? Tuesdays with's a life changing book

A website I like?

Who I'd like to meet? God and for fun: Oprah, Kenny Chesney, Carrie Underwood

Favorite Salida hang-out/memory? My first FIB-Ark was sooo fun! Love to hang out by the river!

The first radio station I worked at: KDHL-AM, Faribault, MN

What will you find on my refrigerator door? On the outside of the door...a water and ice dispenser...and then my magnet collection on the side of the fridge.

If I had to leave the house in a flash: I'd grab my husband, Joseph, our dog Lillie, photos and ID's and whatever else I could get quickly.

Guilty pleasure: Watching "The Young & The Restless"

Pet peeve: bad drivers....people trying to carry on a conversation with you when you're watching a tv show or reading a newspaper or book

Favorite artist/group: oooh so many....(in no particular order) Kenny Chesney, Dierks Bentley, Blake Shelton, Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, Sugarland, Little Big Town, Lady Antebellum, Rascal Flatts, Keith Urban, Brooks & Dunn...I could go on and on!

Pets? Our old girl, Lillie...a border collie mix of some kind....we adopted her when she was around 9 (the vet's good guess!)...she's the sweetest dog..and LOVES the river!

I knew I was an adult when: I had to start paying my way through life...

Favorite magazine: Country Weekly

I feel strongly about: working hard and living life with integrity.

You'd be surprised to know that: I actually was an avid bicycler about 10 years ago B.A. (before arthritis!)...I rode my bicycle 500 miles in 6 greatest physical accomplishment! I still try and ride as often as I can.

Favorite thing about living in the Upper Arkansas Valley: the 360 degree views of the mountains...the sunshine....the Arkansas River and the friendly people!
I still can't believe: we're living in Colorado!

On my "Bucket List": (something I want to do before I die)-it used to be Sky Diving...but have thought better of that one these I'd like to go on a zip line...looks fun! And I've always wanted to go white water rafting...hopefully, I can go one day without getting motion sickness, which I'm prone to have nowadays!

Weirdest CD in my collection: can't think of anything too weird...I have over 800 cd's so it's hard to think of anything!

Current favorite songs: Sugarland "All I Want To Do", Big & Rich "Save A Horse (Ride A Cowboy)", Carrie Underwood "Jesus, Take The Wheel" many more to mention!

Favorite U.S. City: this one and San Diego, CA!

I'm the best at: still trying to figure this one wish is to try something once and be a master at it without even trying...I know, dare to dream!

My #1 hobby is: gardening