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Chaffee County Fair 2009

Eagle Country 104...proud sponsors of the FREE 2009 Chaffee County Fair! Cowboy and Cowgirl Up!

The fairgraounds are a busy place first thing in the morning...the 4-H kids are doing their chores...on Saturday morning the pigs got a bath getting ready for the Junior Market Livestock Auction.

One of our best listeners!

Time for the Rancher's Rodeo...
this is one of the best young cowboys we've ever seen!

Roping is this young man's specialty!

The big boys of the ranching world strategize on how they'll accomplish their task at hand.

I don't think having a cow climb all over him was a part of the plan!

Cowboys watching the Rancher's Rodeo...
do they all have matching hats?!

One of the best events in the Rancher's Rodeo...roping a steer...getting him in the trailer..then the whole team racing to get into the cab of the truck then honking the horn to let the judges know they're done. So fun!

Joseph Kreiss, from the Eagle Country 104 afternoon show broadcasted live from the Home of the Arkansas Valley Flywheelers!

As American as it can get...
old time tractors and engines and the American Flag.

General Manager Tim Ward (center in white) was our game show host at our Eagle Country table. Here he explains how the game works...

There's always a winner at Tim's Table!

Thanks to everyone who put on a fantastic and free Chaffee County fair! Thanks also everyone who came out to see us at the fair!!!