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Virgil Houle

Virgil "Tall Man Virg" Houle



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Birthdate: April 29, 1986...

Childhood stuff: Raised in Salida/Buena Vista area...did many activities spent hunting and fishing as well as hiking. 4-H was also a big hobby of mine and was very involved in high school activities as well.

Personal stuff: I like to work, have fun and currently going back to school. Otherwise I absolutely love radio!!!!!

Radio Stuff: started out at KSBV 93.7...did a couple of stints there, then went onto KASF the college radio station in Alamosa.

Current fave TV show?  Dont watch much TV but I like the Celebrity Apprentice, Dancing With The Stars is one of my favorites as well...

All-time favorite food? A PERFECT STEAK...I like Ribs, BBQ, lets just say I like almost anything...

All-time favorite beverage? Pepsi, Milk, Cherry Limeades.

A website I like?

Who I'd like to meet? Shania Twain...HUGE FAN... oh and George Strait and I wished to meet Chris Ledoux before he died...

Favorite Salida hang-out/memory? I always liked going to the Town Park in Buena Vista with my grandma back when I was younger to go feed the ducks. I also like the Midland Area (love the railroads.) I always loved the train when it used to come through the area, and Fishing at Waterdog Lakes (near Monarch..) and learning about the Monarch Spur Route...its always interesting. 

The first radio station I worked at: KSBV 93.7 "The River Rat" in Salida. I also deejayed for KASF 90.9 in Alamosa.

What will you find on my refrigerator door? Magnets, Papers, recipes, pictures...

If I had to leave the house in a flash: Grab the dogs, sister, parents, then prolly grab the alarm clock (thats my radio)

Guilty pleasure: biting finger nails...

Pet peeve: People who cheat...

Favorite artist/group: Im a HUGE Country fan. (thats why i wind up on Eagle Country 104.) My list is pretty extensive. I like the Classics ranging from Merle Haggard, Patsy Cline, Bellamy Brothers (got to see them in 2003) Judds, Older George Strait, George Jones, Johnny Cash, Alabama and Buck Owens. I also love the 90s Country, John Michael Montgomery, Boy Howdy, Little Texas, Shania Twain, Garth Brooks, Clay Walker, Pirates of the Mississippi, and Aaron Tippin, and Todays country including Jason Aldean, Sunny Sweeney, Billy Currington, Josh Thompson, Lady A, Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert and many more. My list goes on......oh and did i mention CHRIS LEDOUX????

Pets? Other than cows and goats and Rico the horse....the Blue Healer Frosty, and the Jack Russels, Jack, Fancy, Chloe and Half-Pint...they keep me soo entertained at what they do!

I knew I was an adult when:  well....shoot haven't figured that out yet...I'm still young!

Favorite magazine: Country Weekly has to be my fave...Travel magazines and Sports mags are always interesting too.

I feel strongly about: working hard! Pride! and Support!

You'd be surprised to know that: I used to sing in high school choir...i prolly would fail American Idol now!

Favorite thing about living in the Upper Arkansas Valley: the mountains...they are soo spectacular...especially at sunrise.

On my "Bucket List": (something I want to do before I die)-Go To Alaska or Wyoming...

Favorite songs: Ticks, Brad Paisley, Save a Horse Ride A Cowboy, Big & Rich, Crazy: Patsy Cline,  Friends In Low Places, Garth Brooks, I Lost It by Kenny Chesney...and Shes Country by Jason Aldean...

Favorite U.S. City: Leadville, Fairplay, St. Elmo (i know...ghost town) Colorado Springs, Washington DC

I'm the best at: trying to figure that one out...kinda hard to do!

My #1 hobby is: listening to music!